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Torsion springs

“Ural Spring Plant” Ltd. produces torsion springs with various parameters and of different configurations. We manufacture torsion springs both according to GOST and to Customer’s drawings. Depending on Customer’s needs, springs can be manufactured with hooks of different configurations. For production of torsion springs, wire of the following steel grades is used: 60С2А, 55С2, 65Г, Ст70, with diameter 1.2 up to 14.0 mm.

Spring coating.
There are two purposes of spring coating: to protect the spring from corrosion and to improve the surface appearance of the spring. Coating differs in resistance: from resistance to normal operation conditions up to resistance to corrosive environment.
Depending on Customer’s requests, springs produced at “Ural Spring Plant” may be either coated or not according to a drawing.
We are ready to provide the following coatings:
- paint coating ((PF-115) ПР-115, (NC 132) НЦ 132, (AF “Shchit”) АФ "Щит")
- chemical oxidation with oiling
- polymeric powder coating
- electrolytic zincing
Cost of springs depends on the following parameters
-product configuration (parameters)
- quantity of ordered products
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