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05 October 2018

Acquaintance of school students with a modern industrial enterprise

On Wednesday, 3rd of October, our enterprise was visited by pupils from the 9th form of the gymnasium No.17. The aim of their visit was to get acquainted with an up-to-date developing industrial enterprise. On completion of health and safety briefing, young people had a look at new objects being constructed and at a production site. The guests showed a true interest in production equipment and tooling for manufacturing and processing of springs and asked questions when something was not clear. The most impressive place for children turned out to be a conveyor for feeding of billets into a heating furnace before coiling, because this area operates without human involvement, and it's seen there how much the billet is heated in the furnace. Moreover the pupils got impressed by a plenty of up-to-date automatic and semiautomatic equipment. It was interesting for them to watch how operators of these machines easily adjusted them by means of computers with touch control, loaded billets and pushed a "Start" button. Immediately after the production area the guests had a look at a lunch room and a laundry. To our question, "Why do you think we have made the laundry?", they replied, "to make the clothes clean" or "to launder". But our answer made them surprise: "We have made our own laundry not to tire wives and mothers of our workers with washing of work clothes and to make them spend more time with their families" On completion of the excursion, the pupils were able to ask questions. Despite their tender age, children asked rather adult questions, for example, about accidents or about the application of springs in automotive industry and kinds of corrosion protection of springs. Many of young people confessed that they hadn't guessed how much interesting, clean and safe the modern production enterprise could be.
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