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07 February 2019

I would become a worker, have somebody teach me

Children of employees from "Ural Spring Plant" fully realized the truth of these words from the poem of V.Mayakovsky, when they visited the company where their mothers and fathers work. It is worth saying that the enterprise employees have many to be proud of: both the products manufactured and attractiveness of the production process itself and labour conditions. Realizing that a choice of occupation is an important and crucial step in a person's life, excursions for employees' children are being held at the plant on a constant basis. In the course of them the children are provided with full information and allowed to see everything with their own eyes. And this time also they visited working places in production sites where people of various professions do their work. The workers showed where they work and how they produce springs. The children were also interested in plans for production development both for the nearest future that they will be able to observe this summer already and for a long prospect. Young participants of the excursion listened to the precise information, communicated with workers and asked a lot of questions about places where the products are being delivered, what countries (the enterprise has a great sales geography) and even about a possibility to go info sports in off-duty time. And at the end of the excursion, a ten-year old guy asked to find a job for him for future at Ural Spring Plant. The excursion was finished with a traditional tea-party where even the cakes were decorated with a "Ural Spring Plant" LLC brand logo. At the end of the visit to the company everybody got answers to their questions and got to know how people speak with love about their job and how much value they place on it. And, probably, they took a piece of energy, optimism and positive mood with them.
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