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20 May 2022

World Metrology Day

Today is the World Metrology Day. In Russia, the profession of a metrologist appeared on the initiative of the great scientist D.I. Mendeleyev at the end of the 19th century.

A metrologist is a specialist whose duty it is to check measuring instruments and adjust them in accordance with certain standards. Metrologists are also working on various methods for monitoring measurements, instructions for users of measuring equipment.

Measurement accuracy is critical in many areas of production, as the correct functioning of the equipment and the manufacture of products in accordance with regulations guarantee the safety of workers and consumers. In addition, the flawless operation of the equipment and the timely detection of a malfunction ensure the continuity and efficiency of production processes.

The analysis of measurement results serves as a basis for assessing the quality of products and therefore contributes to the development of a quality system.

The metrological service of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC was established 10 years ago. Elena Borisovna Sharanova stood at its origins. She has made an invaluable contribution to the operation of our enterprise.

The metrological service of the plant performs work to ensure the uniformity of measurements and the implementation of metrological control, arranges and conducts verification, calibration and certification. Metrological control of technical documentation, control over the state and use of measuring instruments are also carried out, equipment tests are performed, up-to-date measuring instruments are introduced.

Now the metrologist Olga Gabdrakhimova and the metrology technician Danil Khabibullin work in the metrological service of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC.

On this day, we want to thank the people who dedicate their lives to this difficult, but interesting and very important science.

We sincerely wish you good health, prosperity and undying interest in your profession. May there be intuition in your life for making unmistakable decisions and the right paths leading to a long and happy life.

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