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15 October 2018

Age of maturity

Yury Timofeyevich Rubanik, a Doctor of Engineering, a lecturer of the High Business School of Lomonosov Moscow State University: "Ural Spring Plant is an enterprise aimed at implementation of new management systems in order to increase operating efficiency. They search and progressively master the ways of obtaining success carefully selecting those approaches and means which allow them achieving their target. This is a part of the enterprise development strategy. And in this regard they have chosen a correct approach of cooperation with sectoral science in a technical respect and a systematic study of best practices in respect of the enterprise management arrangement. Even to order to set yourself tasks and issues of further development it's essential to possess both practical and theoretical knowledge. As for the enterprise leader, Denis Salavatovich Lukmanov, he understands it well. First of all, he has completed a training program "MBA-Production systems" of the High Business School by himself and found it necessary to make his employees - managers and specialists - to complete it as well. In order to move forward it's required to create a team of like-minded people possessing definite knowledge also in a managerial sphere. Creating his company from scratch Denis Salavatovich has demonstrated a classical example of a project when an active, sagacious entrepreneur having a business intuition and an ability to take a risk sees a market demand and a potential, creates a foundation and gradually "grows up" an organization. In this case it's a production of spring elements. But at some stage of development when the product and the market are created, production competencies are mastered, the large enterprise requires more complicated methods of management. This was the question the Ural Spring Plant had to face. Having confidently entered the age of maturity, the company set a task to proceed with developing without bumping up against the limit reached. And at this stage there appeared a clear recognition of a need to learn managing, to attract and master new technologies. The enterprise is advancing from an entrepreneurial phase to a new stage of professional management. And it's impossible here to copy somebody's experience and to transfer it to a new place without changes. It's more like a way of trials which are impossible without mistakes, a way of searching the most applicable solutions. And our collaboration at this stage is the most correct choice. In my opinion, a secret of successful dealing with appearing tasks today is that the team is open for everything new, is ready to make attempts in the widest range: both in production technologies, and in mastering new kinds of products, improvement of quality, methods of efficiency management. Our cooperation is both of a scheduled character and occasional when a demand appears to perform some selective measures. It's not a promotion, it's a continuous work. We are glad to cooperate with such a smart and interesting collective", Yury Timofeyevich summed up.
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