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05 December 2018

Extraordinarily strong man

The strongest man in the country, the world champion in throwing weights upwards, the champion of Russia in lifting the log, weightlifter Mikhail Koklyayev has once again visited a young, active and sporty team of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC. Of course, his meetings with the plant workers were always filled with positive talks about advantages of sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle. It's worth saying that there is a gym at the enterprise and many of the employees give their free time to sports activities with pleasure and take an active part in a sporting life of the city and the region becoming winners of prestigious competitions. These have become possible with the assistance of the plant leadership which considers a healthy lifestyle promotion to be one of the main tasks of a social policy and a key to a successful operation of the enterprise collective team. Mikhail was pleased to share his experience and to answer questions of those who were going to start practicing strength sports and have already mastering them. Especially impressive event has become a meeting of a giant man with children from the social shelter who had become fosterlings of the plant long ago. The fact itself of getting acquainted with a man who has shaken hands with legendary Schwarzenegger was an unusual festive occasion for children what they lack in their life. Just to touch such a man if not climb to his hands or try strength against him, even if jokingly, is not only a pleasant and interesting thing but a birth of a new dream to achieve. Now children are waiting for a new meeting with a good-hearted athlete because he has promised to come for new year holidays in the image of Father the Frost. The holidays are expected to be really kind and merry for these children, moreover, they will for sure get presents from the Ural Spring Plant team.
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