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27 November 2019

Open Day at "Ural Spring Plant"

In November, "Ural Spring Plant" has arranged two Open Days for relatives and children of its employees, because there were so many people who wanted to come to the excursion that all who wished just couldn't fit in according to the safety requirements. Therefore, it was decided to repeat such an event demanded by the family members of the plant employees. As usual, the excursion began with safety briefing and equipping all the participants with required protective equipment. After that, the most interesting part for the quests started - an informative excursion at the plant, which was held by the company's employees. They showed main production areas to the quests and told about all the stages of final product manufacturing. Children and relatives of the employees had a chance to trace the entire process and to feel the heat coming from furnaces where springs were undergoing heat treatment. And of course, a lot of attention was paid to the working conditions that included the provision of hot meals, organization of water intake schedule in workshops and plant areas, the work of laundry room for cleaning of overalls, and social programs at the enterprise. Many of those who has visited the enterprise for the first time were surprised to see how everything was arranged here: cleanliness, order, and special atmosphere. In general, the excursion turned out to be not only informative, especially for the children, who had a look at the place of work of their mothers and fathers, but it also gave a chance to see and to understand the importance and necessity of the products that their parents manufacture, and probably, it helped to form an idea of their future profession and the need to obtain knowledge in the certain field. Such events provide an opportunity to create a good climate in the family, an incentive to work at the enterprise for the employees, whose interests are shared and supported by the close relatives, and also help the younger generation decide on their future profession. Possibly, our labour dynasties will also be born at our young enterprise.
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