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About company

Development is the basis of success

Our company - Ural Spring Plant LLC in a short time has passed the path of formation as a specialized production enterprise for the production of a unique range of hot and cold coiling springs. The dynamic development, the course towards the acquisition and development of the latest equipment, the use of advanced technologies allowed us to quickly become leaders in the Russian market in the sale of compression, extension, torsion cold and hot coils, coil springs for spring suspension of freight railroad carriages, railway components. During this time, we managed to create a modern production of springs with a reputation as a reliable supplier. In a short time, a wide range of springs was mastered for the engineering, automotive, energy industries, as well as car building.

From the very beginning, our specialists, studying the market and demand, were guided by the production of popular and high-quality products. And if our first buyers were local entrepreneurs involved in car repair, today the geography of our deliveries has crossed the borders of the Russian Federation and we are cooperating with large consumers in the foreign market, both in Europe and in the Asian region.

As time has shown, we have taken the right course for the acquisition of modern equipment and the development of types of products most in demand on the market. Our experts not only skillfully used the available equipment, but also creatively approached the production process, introducing their professional skills and rationalization proposals. Close cooperation with consumers helped us in this. Focusing on the requirements and wishes of the customer, we carry out test batches of springs to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Starting with the production of cold winding springs, the hot winding method was also mastered in parallel. A new stage of development began in 2011 with the installation of a line for the production of coil springs for railway rolling stock. In 2012, the first permission was obtained for the application of the Mark of Conformity of the Certification System on the Federal Railway Transport on the basis of the received certificate of conformity for products. The volume of production and the range of products over the period since that moment have grown many times.

An important aspect of the development of Ural Spring Plant LLC is the organization's desire for customer satisfaction. Therefore, our activity is aimed at increasing labor productivity, reducing production costs, reducing delivery time, reducing other costs and production losses. For this, the company is mastering modern management technologies: the lean production system - “Lean Production”, which includes concepts such as value and flow, pulling production, “Just On Time”, Kanban, Kaizen, TQM, 5S.

The Ural Spring Plant has certificates of the French company UTAC on the compliance of the enterprise quality management system with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality management systems. Requirements ”and ISO / TS 16949: 2016“ Quality management systems. Special requirements for the application of ISO 9001: 2015 for organizations - manufacturers of serial and spare parts for the automotive industry. "

The quality of the plant's products is confirmed by periodic audits by our many large consumers, as well as relevant certificates.

Investments in production will continue. The installation of new equipment allows us to expand our assortment, improve quality and meet the growing demand for our products. So we clearly see the prospects for growth and development.

Today, the company employs more than 300 people. In favor of the Ural Spring Plant, not only consumer reviews speak, but also employees inside the enterprise who speak of a sense of stability and confidence in their tomorrow, as well as that they feel a sense of pride in their so rapidly developing enterprise. Young people are actively using mortgage programs to purchase their own housing. Their enthusiasm can be understood: the work carried out to improve the culture of production, improvement, the availability of social programs, stable wages make attractive work at the enterprise for high-class specialists.

The achieved success imposes a great responsibility on us for the development of strategic plans: the company is constantly changing, restructuring, trying to flexibly respond to market requirements, since only being in continuous development, we can ensure stability, success and prosperity in the future.


Expansion of the range of products and services, including the organization of the production of springs for the rolling stock of Russian Railways.
Expansion of the market for goods and services.
Increasing the competitive ability of manufactured products and provided services.
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