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Railroad components

Ural Spring Plant Ltd. manufactures torsions, particularly torsions that are used in car-building - torsions of gondola hatch doors, torque shafts. For production of torsions, the following steel grades are used: .65-85, 60-70, 55-602, 55-602, 50, 602, 605, 51. Torsion is a steel rod of definite length that works in torsion. One of the ends of such a rod is tightly fixed in a frame, on the other one a lever is mounted. Force is created on the free end of the lever by a torque twisting the torsion. Axial and lateral forces hardly effect the torsion, cause they are carried by its supports. Deformation behavior of torsion rod is similar to spring material deformation. Torsions are made of tempered steel allowing high torsional tension and considerable twist angles (dozen degrees). They are mainly used in machine suspension, in multiflow reduction gears for equalization of torques between parallel transmissions etc. Vertical force operating on the suspension lever creates the torque that twists the torsion. Therefore the torsion rod may be considered as spring coils stretched in one line. It turns out that if spring wire has the same length and cross-section diameter as torsion rod, then their elastic characteristics will be identical. At the same time structural capabilities of torsions are wider than of coiled spring. Thus nothing prevents to make the torsion rod compound. Usually it is a set of flat plates as in laminated springs. Torsions made of multisided and round rods collected in a bundle are widely spread as well. As for the coiled spring, it is always made of solid rod, thats why at diameter and length equal to torsion ones, stiffness of a spring turns out to be bigger but the life service - shorter. There exist two purposes of covering the torsion with coating: to protect the torsion from corrosion and to improve the surface appearance of a product. The coatings differ in resistance: from resistance to normal operation conditions to resistance to corrosive environment. Depending on Customers requirements, torsions produced at Ural Spring Plant may be either coated or not according to the drawings.

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